Top 5 Best Cricket Kits in India


Cricket is one of the most popular and largely followed sports across the globe and, in India, it is more like a religion than just a sport. You can spot children, teenagers, and even adults playing Cricket here everywhere on the village, city, and town streets, playgrounds, etc. Some are so passionate about the sport that they want to pursue it as their career and they are really serious about it. The glamor, riches, and fame surrounding the top Cricketers of the country is perhaps a big reason why more and more youths are now taking Cricket as a great career option. To become a good cricketer, however, you need a few things such as great fitness levels, a good coach, facilities to practice the sport, and of course the best Cricket Kits. In this post, we will discuss the top 5 best Cricket kits in India.

Before I tell you about the top 5 best Cricket kits in India, let’s check what all essentials should you expect in your Cricket kit? The kit should essentially have the following:





Abdo guard

Thigh pads

Chestguard Armguard



Here is the list of the top 5 best Cricket kits in India

  1. GM Cricket kitGM Cricket kit: GM kit is one of the top brands that produce high-quality tools that come with the assurance of great strength, durability, and solace. This kit is perfect for experts as well as beginners. It comes with a helmet, so you don’t have to buy one differently. This kit also has a batting leg guard, chest guard, bat, armguard, duffle bag, gloves, and thigh pad.
  2. CW Academy kit for CricketCW Academy kit for Cricket: This one is perfect for practicing cricket. The kit includes a Kashmir Willow bat, a helmet, guards, and cotton gloves for smooth movement and good ventilation. This wheel-based all-inclusive kit comes with a guarantee of sufficient space for carrying all your possessions along with the bat in its side compartment.
  3.  SST Sports Cricket Kit: This kit is suitable for all age groups because it is accessible in different sizes. It also includes all the rigging you will need to play cricket, including world-class stumps, gloves, arm guard, chest guard, etc. All these are made of superior quality, strong, and sturdy material. The cricket bat accompanies a cover as well for keeping it secured even when you are not playing or practicing. The pros of the SST Sports cricket kit are that all the things in it are of good quality and it has all the rigging you need to play and practice cricket. Furthermore, the kit has different size accessibility thereby making it a great choice for all age groups.
  4. SG Economy Cricket KitSG Economy Cricket Kit: If you are looking for a world-class cricket kit for children, the SG economy cricket kit can be an ideal choice for you. The extras that are included in this kit will ensure the safety of your children when they play and practice cricket. Just make sure that the children wear all the needed protection gear before they go out to play the game because cricket can be potentially unsafe if necessary precautions are not taken.
  5. Klapp Champion Cricket KitKlapp Champion Cricket Kit: This cricket is a wise decision if you are just started pursuing this sport. The kit comprises a Kashmir Willow bat with a decent hold and various sizes to choose from, batting gloves, arm guard, bat, and more.

Get your cricket kit and gear up for professional cricket and an enthralling career in this wonderful sport.

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