Top 10 Greatest Women’s Tennis Players of All Time in the world


Choosing the top ten in any field is not an easy job at all. If we try to list the Top 10 Greatest Women’s Tennis Players of All Time, the task is actually painstaking as there have been just so many amazing female players over the past five decades of the Open Era – not considering the great players in the 20th century. There has been a drastic change in the fitness regimes, racket technology, and nutrition over the past several years and these changes are further adding to the process of shortlisting and choosing the best amongst the best.

So, after screening the enormous statistical records and news reports from different sources, I could manage to prepare this list of the Top 10 Greatest Women’s Tennis Players of All Time for your reference. So, without wasting further time, let’s check this list out.

The countdown of the top 10 Women’s tennis players in the world is as follows:

  1. Martina HingisMartina Hingis: With 209 weeks reigning the world’s number one rank and 5 Grand Slam singles titles studded in her crown, Martina Hingis is a strong contender of being called one of the top 10 female tennis players in the world. Other titles she won include 7 Mixed Doubles, 13 Grand Slam Doubles, and 2 Tour Finals, and the title of the Swiss star. Martina’s singles career was short because of injuries and she first retired in 2003 at mere 22 years of age. If she could play more, I am sure she would have clinched many more Grand Slam singles titles and more.
  1. Justine HeninJustine Henin: Justine claimed an enthralling 50 career titles including 7 Grand Slam singles: 4 French, 1 Australian, and 2 US Open. She is well known for her physical and mental toughness and was amongst the most athletic and fit women to ever play tennis. Henin was known among the best volleyers in tennis and was equally comfortable at the baseline and the net.

She was ranked world number one in 2003 after winning the US Open and French Open. In 2004, she won the Gold Medal at the Athens Olympics along with her maiden Australian Open title. She clinched 7 Grand Slam titles throughout her career. Her retirement came abruptly in the year 2008. However, she came back for a very short period in 2010 to retire in 2011.

  1. Venus WilliamsVenus Williams: I am sure if she wasn’t competing against her own sister Serena, Venus must have won many Grand Slam titles. The Williams sisters have gone tête-à-tête in the finals of Grand Slam nine times and Venus lost seven of those matches.

While she has been through many injuries, Venus was unquestionably an outstanding performer in this sport. Between 2000 & 2001, she captured 4 of her 7 Grand Slam victories. Venus has won five titles at Wimbledon with the last in 2008.

  1. Billie Jean King, US Open 1970Billie Jean King: Billie is a strong contender in this list of top 10 tennis players in the world (female) with 12 Grand Slam singles titles – one Australian, four US Open, one French, and six Wimbledon.
  1. Monica SelesMonica Seles: Monica is a famous and adored tennis player by all. She claimed 9 Grand Slam singles titles of which 2 were US Open, 3 French, and 4 Australian.  She was seated into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2009. Unfortunately, she was stabbed and attacked by a crazed fan in 1993 and that completely changed the way she was prior to the accident. Undoubtedly, she was the top tennis player between 1990 and 1992.
  1. Chris Evert: Winner of 157 titles throughout her celebrated career, Chris has 18 Grand Slam singles titles including 7 French, 6 US Open, 2 Australian, and 3 Wimbledon. She was seated in the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1995. Chris Evert is renowned for her unparalleled grace on the court. She dominated tChris Evertennis (women’s) throughout the mid-1970s to early 1980s with her two-handed-backhand shot. Even now she holds the record of having reached the most finals of Grand Slam singles with 34 of which she won 18 and that includes every major at least twice. Chris Evert was the #1 tennis player in the world for more than seven years and her winning percentage throughout her amazing career was above 90 percent.
  1. Margaret CourtMargaret Court: In a truly enthralling career journey, Margaret won 192 career titles, 24 Grand Slam singles titles with 11 Australian, 3 Wimbledon, 5 French, and 5 US Open. She was seated in the coveted Tennis Hall of Fame in 1979 and was the first woman to win Grand Slam singles in 1970 in the Open Era. She was the first woman to include fitness and weight training in her regimen.
  1. Martina NavratilovaMartina Navratilova: This list would be useless without Martina Navratilova in it. The winner of 167 career titles, 18 Grand Slam singles titles, and the one who ruled the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2000, Martina Navratilova simply dominated women’s tennis between the late 1970s and 1980s. She is renowned for her extreme physical condition and the one who brought volley back and big serve back to women’s tennis.
  1.  Steffi Graf Steffi Graf: Steffi won 107 career titles, 22 Grand Slam singles titles (6 French, 5 US Open, 7 Wimbledon, and 4 Australian), and was seated into the Hall of Fame of Tennis in 2004. Capable of winning on all surfaces, she was a perfect model of consistency. Her 17 year long, incredibly amazing career is studded with her commendable record of being world number one (in men and women both) for 377 weeks. She is also the first to ever achieve the calendar year Golden Slam by clinching all four majors as well as the Olympic Gold Medal the same year.
  1. Serena WilliamsSerena Williams: Here comes the queen and undisputed number one amongst the top 10 tennis players in the world (female) – Serena Williams. Serena is one of the most powerful and strongest women to have ever played tennis. Serena and Venus (her sister) have dominated women’s tennis right from the late 1990s. Together, the sister’s duo has clinched 14 Grand Slam doubles titles. Serena also won 23 Grand Slam singles titles which include the Australian Open in 2017 as well. She now has the record of Grand Slam singles titles (in Open Era) by any player in tennis – both male and female.

Hope you like the the top 10 Women’s tennis players in the world.

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