Top 10 Best Cricket Bats Manufacturers in India


Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most popular and loved sport in India. You can easily spot kids playing cricket in the streets and it is a hobby that a lot of Indians are pursuing with great reverence and passion. Some like to ball while others enjoy batting and fielding. If you are also amongst those in love with cricket (and possibly want to pursue it as a career option), you will need the best cricket accessories to enjoy the game to the fullest.

A good cricket bat holds immense significance if you want to play well and become a good batsman like the famous names in the field. To become a successful batsman, you will need a bat that you can hold properly and hit the ball well. But finding the right bat in the crowded market full of so many options may be confusing for the inexperienced players who have little knowledge about the best cricket bats manufacturers and brands and bats available.

Today, I will guide you through your decision of choosing the best bat. Knowing the makers of the top 10 best cricket bats manufacturers in India in 2021 will help you choose better.

Here is a List of The Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in India

1. SS Ton: Spartan Sports has a reputed name in the realm of selling sports goods and accessories in India. You can get the best cricket bats made of English willow. Let me tell you bats derived from Salix alba plant willow are often called willows.

2. MRF Genius: MRF Genius is a renowned name in the cricket world especially as great Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar used and endorsed MRF bats for a very long period and broke so many world records and created many. MRF Genius Grand Edition bats are the newest entrants in this grade 1 English willow series.

3. SST Sports: Yet another dignified and renowned name in the cricket bats and other sports goods & accessories segment, SST Sports is an Indian renowned company established in Meerut. The company also makes and sells cricket pads, gloves, helmets, balls, etc. You can buy the best quality, English willow cricket bats here at the most decent prices.

4. Kookaburra: Basically, an Australian company, Kookaburra is renowned for making high-quality, world-class hockey sticks and cricket bats. The popular editions of cricket bats from this company include Fever Pro 2000, Shadow Pro 2000, Ghost Pro 1500, etc. The company introduced its cricket bats here in India in the early 1800s. Eventually, it became amongst the world’s best bats in India. Even today it is ranked under the top five cricket bats in the world.

5. DSC Bat: This brand offers high-quality cricket bats for senior players as well as those at intermediate levels. Their bats come with grime and dust protection.

6. BDM: Renowned for lightweight pickup and perfect willow grain structure, BDM bats are made using state-of-art technology and come with the best quality sugarcane handles.

7. SF Cricket Bat: This company makes premium English willow-wood bats that are traditional Asian-style bats with a curved blade and broad edges for hitting powerful strokes.

8. New Balance: Made of original English willow, New Balanced bats are great for playing hard tennis-ball-cricket but they can be used for leather cricket balls as well if required. These bats are suitable for all types of cricket.

9. GM Six6 Bullet: This company makes and sells bats that are ideal for beginners 12-15 years old.  These are made of English willow as well.

  1. Thrax Black Edition

Last but not the least, Thrax Black Edition makes and sells English willow bats for all types of cricket.

A quick look at their websites may help you compare and buy the best bat that fits your requirement and budget.

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