Tennis Players: Top 10 Men’s Tennis Players in the world


Tennis is one of the most popular sports around the world. In fact, as per online sources, about 88 million people across the globe play tennis. This makes up roughly 1.16% of the population of the world that plays tennis. Also, tennis remains one of the most-watched sports on television and is accepted as a very popular sport. The popularity of this sport has increased with the popularity of its great players. In this post, we will have a quick look at the Top 10 Men’s Tennis Players in the world.

  1. Ken Rosewall & Andre Agassi

Ken Rosewall & Andre AgassiWinner of 8 Grand Slam Singles Titles (2 French, 2 US Open, 4 Australian), 133 career titles, and 15 Pro Majors, Ken was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Tennis in 1980. His long and enthralling career spans pre & post Open Era. Ken deserves a reputable place among great tennis players of all time. His 8 Grand Slam titles plus 15 Major Championships qualify him a place in this sport’s immortality. Ken Rosewall’s career began in the early 1950s and ended in 1980 with his retirement. The agile and quick Aussie is well-known for his crisp & backhand, accurate volleying.

The other player who shares the position with Ken is Andre Agassi.  With his 8 Grand Slam Singles titles including 1 French, 1 Wimbledon, 2 US Open, and 4 Australian, Gold medal in 1996 Olympics, the long-haired, brash, and young Andre Agassi first entered the sport in the late 1980s. We must admit that many were put off due to his ostensibly “rock star” appearance and attitude. But, his incredibly great performance and killer strokes on the court have won him millions of fans across the world.

  1. John McEnroe

John McEnroeWith 105 titles and 7 Grand Slams (4 US Open, 3 Wimbledon), John was inducted into the Hall of Fame of tennis in 1999. He is amongst the all-time tennis greats due to his incredible performance on fast surfaces, hard courts, as well as creative shot-making. His casual bad boy attitude and behavior have earned him countless followers and haters. John has been a highly competitive tennis player, an athlete who failed to accept a loss and many times his emotions drove him to give his best on the court.

  1. Jimmy Connors

1991 US Open

Jimmy won 8 Grand Slam titles and 147 career titles. He was inducted into the hall of fame of tennis in the year 1998. Connors had an astonishing 99-4 record. He won the 3 Grand Slam tournaments he had entered. He had an impressive and long tennis career and he retired from the sport in 1996. He still holds the world record for ATP tour titles with an amazing 109.

  1. Ivan Lendl

Ivan-LendlWinner of 8 Grand Slam singles titles (3 French, 2 Australian, and 3 US Open), Ivan Lendl was inducted into the hall of fame of tennis in the year 2001. The stoical and calm Czech with big serve dominated the sport in the 1980s. He outwore his opponents with his incredible conditioning level, topspin forehand, and powerful ground-strokes. Lendl is renowned for letting his sport talk for him.

  1. Bjorn Borg

With 101 titles in his career plus 11 Grand Slam singles titles (5 Wimbledon and 6 French), this blonde swede was inducted into the hall of fame of tennis in the year 1987. He had some truly memorable matches with opponents in the likes of Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. He dominated Wimbledon and won titles for 5 consecutive years – from 1976 to 1980.

  1. Pete Sampras

Pete SamprasPete Sampras has won 14 Grand Slam singles titles including 5 US Open, 7 Wimbledon, and 2 Australian. He was inducted into the hall of fame of tennis in the year 2007. Pete has been a great performer and won 3 of the 4 Grand Slam titles throughout his career. He was more comfortable playing on grass and hard courts but wasn’t equally comfortable on all surfaces.

  1. Rod Laver

Rod LaverRod has got 200 career titles and 11 Grand Slam singles titles (2 French, 4 Wimbledon, 2 US Open, and 3 Australian). He was inducted into the hall of fame of tennis in 1981 and we just cannot assess how he would’ve fared against modern players but looking at his playing style and aggression, we can say he would have done well. Rod is the only tennis player to have own the Grand Slam title twice.

  1. Rafael Nadal

Rafael NadalWinner of 88 career titles, 20 Grand Slam singles titles including 4 US Open, 1 Australian, and 2 Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal is a Gold medalist in the 2008 Olympics and is an active player. Rafael Nadal could have got more Grand Slam titles, I am sure if he didn’t have to face recurring wrist injuries and tendinitis in knees. He has been one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

  1. Roger Federer

Rafael NadalRoger Federer is an active player currently. He has got 103 career titles and 20 Grand Slam singles titles (8 Wimbledon, 1 French, and 5 US Open). For several years, Roger remained the greatest tennis star of all time. Ranked world number one for 237 consecutive weeks, Roger has been demonstrating a high level of performance consistently throughout his career of more than 20 years, so far.

  1. Novak Djokovic

Novak DjokovicHaving won 20 Grand Slam singles titles (including 2 French Open, 3 US Open, 6 Wimbledon, and 9 Australian) plus 85 career titles, Novak Djokovic is an active player currently.  The 34-year-old tennis superstar, Novak Djokovic has earned number one position in this list of top 10 tennis players in the world (male) because of his outstanding performance and track record. While he already has 20 Grand Slam singles titles, he should be able to surpass that quite conveniently in the years to come.


This list of top 10 tennis players in the world may keep changing as new stars emerge and the performance of these players improves further. This is no claim of their ranking in the world and is provided only to help readers catch a glimpse of the top performers in tennis.

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