Cricket Bat: 5 Tips for How to Choose a Perfect Cricket Bat


The selection of the perfect cricket bat is not easy. The decision may turn out to be quite difficult when you start exploring the market for the available range of cricket bats. There are many things you need to bear in mind when choosing a perfect cricket bat such as:

How the bat will help you perform the best?

Is the bat durable enough to last longer?

Which bat is most affordable to you?

And more …

Here are the best 5 tips to help you make an informed and right decision and choose a perfect bat.

  1. Consider your budget: Setting a budget for buying your cricket bat is a great idea before you walk into the sports goods store or search online at trusted sports goods and accessories stores like SST Sports. When you have set your budget, you can narrow down the options you have and then filter your search by the price. While the price may not be the ultimate factor influencing your decision to pick one bat and drop another, this can still be a factor if you are looking to buy more sports goods and accessories and don’t really want to end up overspending. The price of the bat will depend entirely on the shape, style, model, and quality of the bat.
  1. Consider the style and shape of the bat you want: There are different types of cricket bats available today in different profiles, sweet spots, scallops, edges, etc. These aspects of a cricket bat change how it is shaped which has a direct impact on the bat’s performance and the player’s performance as well. Since it is difficult for an individual to decide the shape of bat right for them, you may need the help of bat specialists like those at SST Sports to assist you in decision making.
  1. Choose the right weight: Another aspect of choosing a perfect bat is the pickup and weight of the bat. You will surely not want a bat that’s too light or too heavy and that doesn’t make you comfortable playing. This is more important for beginners and juniors as the weight of the bat will affect their ability to hit and play the desired shots. The pickup of the bat is also important to be able to hit desired shots.
  1. Choose the right pickup: A bat with a massive profile yet a low weight is the best but rare. Most of the discussions are centered around heavy bats that have massive profiles so that great shots can be hit. If you choose a light bat, most probably the profile’s thickness and edge would be smaller but this isn’t an issue. Now everybody is not the same if we compare their strength and physique. Hence, the key thing is to select a cricket bat that feels just perfect for you. A lot of people aren’t able to distinguish between cricket bats that differ in weight.
  1. Look for great shots: There are about five grades of will that cricket bats are made with. While grade 1 is the best performing bat with about 10 grains and no or few blemishes on the bat’s face, the cheapest is made with willow of grade 5 with about 4-5 grains and comparatively more blemishes on the bat’s face.

If these tips don’t help, you may talk to the cricket bat specialists at SST Sports to help you choose a perfect bat.

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